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Zen BagZ Yoga Mat Bags
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PRICE: $79.99 

Emerald Phoenix Yoga Mat Bag 2 in STOCK
SOLD OUT! Heavenly Gates Yoga Mat Bag: SOLD OUT!
Dragon Fire (Red) Yoga Mat Bag 1 in STOCK
Bird in a Tree Yoga Mat Bag 1 in STOCK
SOLD OUT! Dragonfly Yoga Mat Bag SOLD OUT!
 Chinese Characters Yoga Mat Bag 1 in STOCK
Dragon Fire Royal (BLUE)Yoga Mat Bag 1 in STOCK
 Shanghai Turquoise Yoga Mat Bag 1 in Stock

Are you looking for a bag that will not only carry your mat but also carry the mood of what we all want yoga to be? If so, you have landed at the right place. Zen Bags are bags for your mat that are silky and elegant. Each bag is handcrafted by myself and can be made custom just for you to match or mood, mat or both. They are made out of brocade blends that are delicate yet durable with a satin lining that allows your mat to slide with grace into your bag. The bag size that is available: 1) Standard (fits mats up to ¼ thick). Please be sure to measure your mat according to the instructions.

If there are any questions about either purchasing option or about the bags in general please feel free to email me at amanda@amandasweeklyzen.com
Brocade Yoga Mat Bag by Amanda's Weekly Zen
A look inside the Brocade Yoga Mat Bags by Zen BagZ

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above bags please be sure to measure your mat first (see mat measuring instructions). A Standard Size Yoga Mat Bag is priced at $79.99 plus $7.00 shipping (only if you need it shipped). I sell locally in the Clermont, Sarasota, Bradenton and Saint Pete FL area. I will also ship them to anywhere in the US if you use one of the Pay Pal payment options.

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