My writing varies. Here you will find academic writing, book reviews, copy writing samples, and other miscellaneous writings. If you have any questions about my writing or would like to quote any of my writing please contact me at amanda@amandasweeklyzen.com.  

Academic Writing:
Writing Excerpts: from my MA, PhD seminar papers. Manuscripts are available for sources.

Art of OOP (Submission for Texts and Technology PhD seminar)

Climate Change Website Usability (Group Submission for Texts and Technology PhD seminar)

Notes on Orality and Literacy (Group Submission for Texts and Technology PhD seminar)

Book Review: Retaking the Universe (Submitted for Texts and Technology PhD seminar)

Software Reads (Submitted for Texts and Technology PhD seminar)

A- Masters: A Collection of Critical Writing (Submitted for English Literature MA)

Using Dining Culture to Promote an English National Identity in Henry Fielding's The History of Tom Jones: A Foundling (Submitted for an Independent Study for an MA in English Literature)

2000 (Collection of Poetry- some were submissions for a Creative Writing Poetry magazine at the University of Colorado at Boulder)  

Book Reviews:  
Weekly Zen is full of book reviews. From academic book reviews to lesuire reads there are many book reviews to sample from. Check out my Books Reviews for a listing of reviews found here and on other sites, all written by me.

Copywriting Content:  
While much of this blog can be considered a sample of my copywriting abilities I do have some clips which are located on my Copywriting Samples page.

Novel Writing: posts on my own novels and events like NaNoWriMo.

Yale University: A Pilgrimage to See Rare Books (A Reader's Vacation Post)

The Thesis Process (A personal reflection on writing an MA in English Thesis)

Chesapeake Bay Thousand Trails (A Campground Profile)