About Zen:
Zen is the Japanese translation of the world “Chan” which is derived from the Sanskrit word “Dhvana.” Dhvana ,very simply, is meditation. When most people hear the word meditation they often conjure an image of a person sitting in full lotus upon a pillow with eyes closed. The truth about meditation is that it can take many forms. For more information on types of meditations please refer to my post on Zen Meditations. No matter what form your meditation takes the thing to always remember is that Zen’s purpose is to come home to the present moment. To live where we truly are. The general idea is to live mindfully in the present moment so that you can completely dissolve into that moment. Every moment of our lives is a peak experience that we should embrace with peace and clarity. Zen will help you realize the significance, magic and mystery of each moment.

Why “Amanda’s Weekly Zen”:
Perhaps you have noticed that although this blog does have conversations about mediation, it is largely composed of books. For me, reading is a form of mediation that dissolves my present moment. Each time I pick up a book I can feel the significance of life with each little letter placed on the page. Since reading is foremost in my life I simply view it as my “Weekly Zen,” therefore I use my website to share my meditations on reading or as I often tell others my profession which is, to collect words like tiny little pebbles found near a trickling stream, savor them, save them and eventually share them.

About Amanda:
Amanda at WDW Marathon 2015
The work found on this blog was created by Amanda unless otherwise noted.

Amanda has a BA, MA and PhD in English Literature. She enjoys English novels from the 18th century and the Victorian period. She also enjoys literary history as well as a good mystery.

In addition to reading, Amanda also enjoys hiking (trekking), birding. and yoga. Amanda is  a Level I Reiki Healer and an RYT200 Yoga Instructor. She also works as a race photographer.

About Norwood:
Norwood Flow Boarding 2013

Norwood  is the travel guru in this family having seen so many more places than I. He has also taken on a new role as captain on our very first sailboat. He surfs, sails, kayaks, snowboards and is also the occasional musician. From time to time you will see posts here from Norwood offering advice on travel or alternative energies. Currently his main interests are sailing and alternative energies.

About Maverick:

Maverick passed away at the age of 13 on October 13, 2014. He is deeply missed. Here is a small memorial in his honor:

Maverick, our border collie, found us at the Longmont CO Humane society ten years ago and it was love at first sight. From the first day to the very last he surprised us with his bravery, loyalty, and intelligence. He was a protector and best friend until the very end. Our home and lives are empty since his passing. He will never be forgotten.

Maverick loved the snow, sand and a game called "Catch Maverick." His favorite spot was a large sand dune in Pacific City Oregon. He loved to dig when he was excited and was always ready for any adventure. He enjoyed "roll over" so much that he would prefect his roll over into elaborate flips and digging routines. Maverick was also an accomplished sailor. While on sailing adventures he enjoyed long salt water soaks. He also laid claimed to every towel we ever owned. His favorite treats were carrots just like his mom. Everyone who met him loved him and even those who had only heard tales of him from our ten years together loved him.

He is often the subject of home videos and photographs on Flickr.