Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shakespeare Authorship Question

Awhile back I read this great novel Will the Real William Shakespeare Please Step Forward? by David Lawrence-Young. It asked the question, who wrote the Shakespeare plays. The book was not only a great story but also a fantastic source for finding out the book out there about the Shakespeare authorship question. After reviewing the book I asked the author via email for a works cited and he sent me the acknowledgments page which I will publish in partial below (for the full list please refer to Mr. Lawrence-Young's novel). It is a great place to start if you have any interest in Shakespeare and the authorship question. Also I highly recommend the book which will also detail the research process. Thank you to David Lawrence-Young for sharing his sources and for the great book.


All of the following books were consulted, even if they are not referred to specifically by name or by author in the text.

Peter Ackroyd, Shakespeare: The Biography, Anchor Books, New York, 2006

Delia Bacon, The Philosophy of the Plays of Shakespeare Unfolded, (1857), Echo   
          Library Reprint, Cirencester, UK, 2010

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Katherine Duncan-Jones, Ungentle Shakespeare: Scenes from His Life, Arden
          Shakespeare, London, 2001

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           USA, 2011

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Brenda James & W.D. Rubinstein, The Truth Will Out: Unmasking the Real  
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Frank Kermode, The Age of Shakespeare, Phoenix, London, 2005

David Lawrence-Young, Marlowe: Soul'd to the Devil, Vanguard, Cambridge, UK,  

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          London, 1985

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