Monday, June 13, 2011

From Landlubber to Sailor

Our Sailboat
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Norwood and I have been living an unconventional lifestyle for about 9 years now. We started our journey into an alternative lifestyle way back in 2000 when we took off after my graduation from undergrad in a Vanagon Camper Van and traveled across the US from Colorado to Florida. While that adventure only lasted a few months it started our life of travel together. We then moved into a truck camper which we did all the US in then into a 24 foot fifth wheel which we again did most of the US in then onto our property in an off grid cabin which we spent five years living with a miniscule carbon footprint. While our five years in the mountains of Colorado was at times divine we were bit by the travel bug again and made our way back to Florida where we found our current travel home a 30 foot Cherokee fifth wheel. After two years of once again seeing the US by land we decided that it was time we look to the seas. After an extensive and at times stressful search we finally came across our sailboat and in a whirlwind week we packed up the essentials and moved in. We are now learning the boat, to sail and soon we will be spending an indefinite amount of time sailing and seeing all the things we could not see in our years of RV travel. After just a week on the sailboat we all have found our sea legs and are already plotting our new adventures. More coming soon from the great waters that surround the land we have spent so much time exploring…

Maverick on our sailboat
Maverick sitting in the cockpit of his new floating home


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