Sunday, October 31, 2010

Breckenridge Elementary Halloween Parade

Some of the kids from Breckenridge Elementary paraded around Main Street in Breckenridge Colorado on October 29, 2010.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Sari Shop Widow by Shobhan Bantwal

3 star The Sari Shop Widow is a book about Anjali Kapadia a woman in her late thirties who has overcome tremendous heartache of the loss of her husband by throwing herself into the business she runs with her traditional Indian parents in New Jersey, Silk and Sapphires. Silk and Sapphires is a Sari shop that brings tradition of Indian dress to New Jersey with elegance and grace that Anjali created. For years her life felt normal and when her father let her know that their business was struggling financially she was shocked then outraged when she discovered that in order to save their business her father contacted her uncle Jeevan for assistance. When her uncle arrives he shocks them all with two things, one not being the man they remembered when they last saw him five years prior and by bringing his business partner Rishi Shah. Immediately Anjali is captivated and irritated with Rishi, but over the months they spend together remodeling and recreating Silk and Sapphires they both learn to not only appreciate each other but they eventually realize that they love each other.

This book was not what I expected. I expected a book rich with Indian culture. I realize that Bantwal was writing this book to show the merger of the two cultures, American and Indian, but honestly a romance setting may not have been the best way to approach a look at two cultures. That being said this book was okay. One of the better free books offered for the Kindle (it was offered only for a limited time and may no longer be free to download). My favorite parts of the book were the descriptions of food and culture but unfortunately there were very few of those and much more romantic relationship details that were not that interesting. I have to say though after reading this book I would love to visit a store like Silk and Sapphires... it sounded wonderful.

I would recommend this book for people who enjoy romance novels.

Novel Moments:
“The distress was still spiraling inside her like a mad January blizzard.” (Kindle location 123)

“Besides the usual Indian fare, apparently Anwar made unusual snacks like paneer and lamb turnovers, sweet potato knishes with ginger sauce, sandwiches with tandoori meats and veggies, Indian Neela Chai, or Blue Tea.” (Kindle Location 3230)

Book Citation: Bantwal, Shobhan. The Sari Shop Widow. Kensington Books. Kindle Edition.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pacific City Oregon

Just on the other side of Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City Oregon (literally you climb over the dune and there is it). Up on the dune there is wind and it is much cooler than down on the beach. Some parts of the dune are very steep but if you take the long way around you can make it up and over. Not only is there a fantastic view at the top but you can also see the occasional whale playing out in the ocean. People are allowed to drive on portions of the beach and have fires, so be careful of cars and open fires.

RVers there is a Thousand Trails campground, Pacific City, just across the street from the main beach access. There is both a walking trail and a driving trail to the beach.

The song in this video is from Mock Orange and it is called "Captain Love."

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tillamook Cheese Factory Tour

Tillamook and Blue Heron Cheese are just a mile from each other in Tillamook Oregon. Thousand Trails members: You can access Tillamook Oregon from Paradise City Preserve or from the Seaside Preserve by heading North on 101 or South on 101 respectively. There is no charge for either tour. Make sure to go hungry there will be lots of cheese samples to eat.
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Surfing with Maverick Newport OR

Lost Creek State Park is just across the street from Whaler's Rest in Newport Oregon. The Oregon coast is often cold and rainy so be sure to have the proper gear. Whaler's Rest is a Leisure Time Park and is popular so make sure to make reservations for your stay. Newport is a large town with plenty of grocery stores, gas and small shopping stores and coffee shops. Newport also has WiFi access for the town.

The song featured in this video is Surf Wax America by Weezer.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yaquina Outstanding Protected Area

Yaquina Outstanding Protected area is in Newport Oregon. It is covered by the Oregon/Washington state pass (it is a federal area). Day use is $7.00 per car. There are a few trails, sea lion viewing and a lighthouse that are worth seeing. Bring a camera there are fantastic views.

Thousand Trails members the closet park to this location is Whaler's Rest which is a Leisure Time park. It is popular so make sure to book in advance.

The song featured in this video is Brand New Day (With Tim Myers) by Lindsey Rey.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

South Beach in Oregon

South Beach or Lost Lake State Park is literally just across the street from the Leisure Time Park Whaler's Rest. You do have to cross a busy road with a speed limit of 55 but most of the time it is relatively easy to get across. There is a lot of beach in the area for long walks and people like to fly kites out on the beach. Since it is the Oregon coast be sure to have rain gear and clothes for cold weather. Watch out for jelly fish on the beach there are a lot that wash up. Also beware that the cliffs often have little rock slides so be careful.

Friday, October 08, 2010

South Jetty in Florence Oregon

South Jetty is a state park located just 3 miles from the South Jetty Thousand Trails. There are dunes that many people like to ride ATVs on and there is a great beach to play on. It is on the Oregon coast which can be (we have heard often) cold and rainy so make sure you have gear for both. Florence is just up the road and is a great little town. If you visit Florence make sure to visit Old Town, it is a charming collection of shops where you can find a great selection of books and candy.