Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Thousand Trails Elite Connection Membership Upgrade We can no longer recommend buying any products Thousand Trails sells. Save yourself time and trouble and over priced dues and just buy what you need.

Norwood Surfing

If you would like to file a complaint against Thousand Trails or ELS for defrauding you please contact Elizabeth Wilson
Senior Consumer Analyst
Division of Consumer Services
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

850-410-3791 Office
850-410-3801 Fax

Like many of our readers we will be spending the summer at the beach near Lake and Shore and Sea Pines both Outdoor World resorts on the NJ coast thanks to our Elite Connection membership upgrade. The cool thing is we get to take the RV on a ferry that crosses from Delaware to Cape May NJ. I can’t wait only a month to go!!!

Well, Amanda and I have been getting some questions on our recent Thousand Trails Elite Connection membership we recently upgraded to. So let me explain the new benefits. With the Thousand Trails Elite Connection membership your able to go park to park and stay 21 days at all resorts including Outdoor World and Mid Atlantic (save for the rented lots at encore parks in FL). This works really well if you plan to spend any time on the East Coast. Also there are RPI benefits and getaway cabin benefits that can be used to rent condos. This is a nice bonus when you don’t want to take the RV or don’t have enough time to take the RV, motor home or camper.

I say this a lot, but Craig our sales guy at Thousand Trails goes above and beyond for us and Amanda and I can’t recommend him enough. For instance this last upgrade had a few bugs we needed to workout and Craig went out of his way to straighten out the problems. It is uncommon to find a sales guy at Thousand Trails who will spend hours making calls on your behalf to fix a problem. So keep this in mind when determining who you upgrade with.

Since the blog is not the best place to post question If you have questions or need the contact info for our sales guy Craig please email me at

Happy Trails and If any of you want to go surfing with me let me know I will bring an extra board for you. Norwood


Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me the cost of your Elite Connections Upgrade? Thank you.

Amanda said...

Hello Anonymous- You will need to contact Norwood via email. It is listed on the Thousand Trails page of this blog for that information.


Anonymous said...

Mid Atlantic resorts are often small but they are usually comfortable. The Outdoor World while having usually great locations have a lot of rental trailers like NJ. Outdoor World also has a lot of burring of slash and ply wood that make the places stink and not a nice environment for those not interested in poising themselves. Amanda and I had to leave Moody Beach 1.5 months early due to the manager and the General Manager not enforcing burn rules. If I had to do it all over again I don’t think Outdoor World and Mid Atlantic is worth the money since we will not be going back to the ones on the beach due to the health hazards associated with the burning of trash and other debris.
But it’s your choice the Manager at Moody Beach told me that my wife and I are the problem since other members seem to like the smell of old plywood and trash being burned all hours of the day and night.

blank said...

Thousand Trails Lake Magic the manager went into our account and canceled and moved reservations without our permission. I am trying to be diplomatic about this hostile action however this is not going far with thousand trails staff.
This has gone to far and we are now looking into other options, I can no longer recommend thousand trails. And if you plan to spend more then the 500 for a free contract I would really think twice.