Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lynchburg Thousand Trails

Where is Lynchburg Thousand Trails?

Lynchburg is in Gladys Virginia. It is a short drive from Lynchburg which is a large city that will have grocery and other types of shopping. When you check in the ranger will offer to give you a map with the major shopping areas outlined (Wal-Mart, Sims, Target etc.)

The address is for those who have GPS...
405 Mollies Creek Road
Gladys, VA 24554

The directions on TomTom are not correct. They take you to the right road about are about 4 miles off of the actual park. If you put in the GPS coordinates you will be able to find the park…

N 37°12'36.39"
W 79° 2'50.20"
Elevation is 740 ft.

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How many campsites does Lynchburg Thousand Trails have?
Like many Thousand Trails campgrounds there are many forms of accommodations at Lynchburg. They are...

191 Full hookup campsites
32 partial hookup campsites (no sewer)
There are no overflow or getaway cabins at Lynchburg.

The preserve map is available online at...

The preserve map does not show the actual campsites but a general outline of the layout. All sites are dirt and most are back in. There are a few sites that are pull through in the A and B loops but when we were there in the summer many parts of the A & B loop were rough ground so those less adventurous may want to focus on the areas of the A & B loop that are farther away from the lake or the C loop.

What amenities does Lynchburg Thousand Trails offer?
Lynchburg is home to one of my favorite adult lodges of any Thousand Trails park. It is located on the large lake and has a porch with benches are you can sit and watch the people fish or read one of the many books on the active trading selves. There is no internet access in the adult lodge but if you are looking for a quiet place to have coffee and read you will find it in the adult lodge.

The other amenities that Lynchburg Thousand Trails offers include:

•Family Center (a large area with a few games inside, also has a large grilling area with picnic tables outside, free Wi-Fi is available at the Family Center)

•Fishing in the large Lake and a small fishing lake (back by the sewer system)

•A walking trail that goes around the lake

•Rental boats for the lake

•Basketball courts

•Beach Volleyball

•Trading Post

•Pool at the family center (which they will rent out to local children’s groups)

•Laundry at the Family Center

And although they do not advertise it as an amenity the rangers at Lynchburg Thousand Trails patrol much more often than other parks we have been to and are very helpful.

Things to do near Lynchburg Thousand Trails:
Lynchburg Thousand Trails is a good distance from many of the site seer landmarks. Lynchburg which is the nearest large city will have a few things to see and do. Check out the visitors site for Lynchburg for places to see and eat.

Thousand Trails also offers a few things to see while staying at Lynchburg Thousand Trails on the about Lynchburg Thousand Trails page.

Photos of Lynchburg Thousand Trails:

*Lynchburg Thousand Trails is a Thousand Trails park.