Monday, June 29, 2009

Mickey's Golf Cart at Walt Disney World

After a great nine holes on Oak Trail Golf Course this morning Norwood and I decided to head on over to the practice putting green and there it was... Mickey's Golf Cart! I could not resist I ran over and jumped in the passenger seat careful not to get the grass on my shoes inside Mickey's cart. I wonder how far Mickey can drive with that driver?

Here I am in his cart...

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Deer Creek RV and Golf Resort- Davenport Florida

For many Thousand Trails members where to spend their week out is often on their minds. Many full timers who spend the winters or summers in Florida will often travel between the two Thousand Trails parks Orlando and Peace River. But there are other options available depending on where in Florida you want to be. RPI or Resort Parks International is often an addition many Thousand Trails members will add so they can have other resort options for their week out. Norwood and I stayed at our first RPI park a few weeks ago, Deer Creek RV and Golf Resort.

About Deer Creek:
Deer Creek is located in Davenport Florida is about 20 minutes (12 miles) from Thousand Trails Orlando. The address is:

Deer Creek Resort
42749 US Hwy 27 North
Davenport, FL 33837

Deer Creek is not one large community where all guests have access to all areas. It is in fact several little communities all under the umbrella of Deer Creek. There are six communities in the Deer Creek area but only the Regal Ridge Community is available to RPI members. Tent camping is not allowed in any of the Deer Creek Communities. It is a mixed community with both manufactured homes and RVs. All the communities are based around the 18 hole public golf course.

How many RPI spots does Deer Creek have?
For RPI members there are only 10 spaces available and Deer Creek will not take reservations. You are encouraged to call on the day you wish to visit to see if they have spaces available for RPI members.

How much does a night cost at Deer Creek for RPI?
RPI members will pay $10 ($12 for 50 amp) per night with a valid membership. It is common that RPI parks will have additional fees on top of the $10 per night. For example at Deer Creek they charge an automatic $7.00 for cable regardless of whether or not you use it. Also unlike Thousand Trails guests are required to have a key to access the club house (they call it wash room) for their community (all communities have their own little club houses and you will only have access to the clubhouse in your community). If you would like a key to the club house for the Regal Ridge Community you need to put down a $5 deposit with the ranger upon check-in.

What amenities does Deer Creek offer?
There is a main clubhouse for all communities (the photo you will see on their website). Inside the main clubhouse are a large area where dancing or tables can be set up and a restaurant which is only open in the winter. Downstairs in the main clubhouse is the pro shop and a pool. The community clubhouses are all different but the one you will have access to as an RPI member contains showers, washers and dryers, a small lounge area, a bookshelf and a pool. There are no tennis courts or shuffle board courts in the Regal Ridge area. Deer Creek also offers a Public 18 hole golf course. Green fees are $15.00 plus $5.00 for cart in the summer (4/16-9/31). For a review of the Deer Creek Golf Course please see Ladies Green.

Review Deer Creek RV and Golf Resort:
If I had to rate this park on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best, I would give Deer Creek a 3. Although this resort beats any public RV campground there is nothing spectacular about it. It is clean and quite in the summer. The spaces are paved but some feel very small compared to the Orlando Thousand Trails sites. Many in this section are on a hill so backing up can be somewhat of a problem for heavy rigs.
If you like a clubhouse to hang out in you may be disappointed, there is not much of one in either the small community clubhouse or the main clubhouse. The extra fees are a bit of a pain but that is the case with many RPI parks.

On a positive note the folks are friendly, they pick up your trash right from your site and if you golf there is a nice driving range and a small 18 hole course.

Dirty Little Angels- Chris Tusa

Title: Dirty Little Angels
Author: Chris Tusa

Publisher and Date: Livingston Press (AL) (March 2009)

Hailey Trosclair has lived a painful life for only being sixteen. Her hardships turn her to god but finds that her prayers are not answered and her family continues to suffer in New Orleans. Needing a person to keep her faith she turns to Moses Watkins. As it turns out her life was better before she met Moses.

Favorite Quotation from the Book:
“I began to think about the dirty little angels Chloe told me about, how they have to eat your soul before you can get into Heaven, and for a minute, as I listened to the crackle of dead leaves outside my window, I couldn’t help but imagine the glorious sound of angels’ teeth chewing through my tiny black soul.”

4 out of 5
I had always thought that I could read anything… but then I read Chris Tusa’s book “Dirty Little Angels”. I knew what the book was about from the summary and the sample chapter that Chris sent me but I honestly did not expect it to be quite so raw. It was an emotional and uncomfortable read perhaps bordering on too realistic at times. It took me a long time to read this short novel only because the emotional state of Hailey and the trails she had to endure were hard to stomach. It has been a long time since I was so disturbed by a novel. The fact that the events of Hailey’s grim life disturbed me to the point where I had to set the book aside speaks volumes for the writing ability of Chris Tusa. It is vivid, dark and utterly real.

I gave this book a four out of five because the writing was raw and believable but I have to say that I will not be able to read this novel again, it was too disturbing.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

When to use a #7 I-brid (iron)

Amanda at Oak Trail
Originally uploaded by amandavisualzen
When to use the Callaway Gems #7 I-brid:
My favorite club out of my Callaway Gems bag is my #7 I-brid. This club has often been the one that helps move me down the fairway onto the green. You typically use it in long grass or when on the fairway about 65-120 yards from the green. This club will pop the shot into the air with a great loft and the ball will stop quicker.

How to position the Callaway Gems #7 I-brid:
You will notice the more you play that each club will have a slightly different feel and a stance that works best for each club. For the #7 I find that my best swings come off the club when I take a wide stance (feet parallel with my shoulders)and place my grip slightly towards my right leg which will be in front of the ball.

How to determine your swing:
The best way to determine how you should position your body with the Callaway #7 I-brid is to lay the club on the ground with the left hand. On the grips you will notice two places where you should place your hands. Place the club so the detailed grip is pointed up at you. That is the way the club wants to lay. Once you have it resting on the ground correctly look to the hole and aim the face so the ball will go in the direction. Once you have the face aimed at the hole create your stance around the club. Be sure to have a wide enough stance and once comfortable keep your eye on the ball and swing.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Title: Angels & Demons - Movie Tie-In: A Novel

Author: Dan Brown

Publisher and Date: Washington Square Press; Reprint edition (March 31, 2009)

Robert Langdon is once again called to duty to read the signs that are left behind by a secret society that was thought to be long extinguished… the Illuminati. While trying to find out who is behind the vicious murder of physicist Leonardo Vetra Langdon also finds himself hurrying to also find the antimatter that threatens to not only destroy Vatican City but also the failing faith in the Catholic religion. And of course he is paired with a woman whom he finds himself quickly falling in love with.

Favorite Quotation from the Book:
“So faith is random?” “Hardly. Faith is universal. Our specific methods for understanding it are arbitrary.” (Robert Langdon explains faith to Vittoria Vetra)

4 out of 5
Say what you will about Dan Brown but the man does write a fantastically thrilling novel. Fans of the Da Vinci Code will find that Angels and Demons is very similar in writing style and plot (really all that changes is the search that Robert Langdon goes on). One of my favorite things about the Da Vinci Code was all the talk about the art of Da Vinci. In this novel our artist who hides clues to protect a secret is Botticelli. Again in the novel readers are given lengthy descriptions of the works of art as we find them pointing to the answer that Robert Langdon seeks. We also are given a look at the possibility of antimatter and some of the science that surrounds it. Many reviewers out there will criticize Brown because his “facts” are not all that accurate and his take on religion is always less than favorable. But readers lets me honest, Angels and Demons is after all a work of fiction. The fact is the novel is at times very thrilling and a page turner. As far as the characters go… well do not expect much depth or insight from the characters. At times they function just to move along the action. But again the book is a fun summer read.

I gave this book 4 out 5 because the ending was strange. I felt that there were two endings to this novel. One concludes the action we were all waiting for a great ending that took me by surprise. The other is one that functions to finish off the relationship between Robert and Vittoria which was easy to see the first time the two met. Although Brown tries to create sexual tension between the two really it is flat and if the second ending were left out of the book completely the book would have received 5 out of 5. All in all it is a great book for the beach or a rainy summer day.

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