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Friday, April 20, 2007

Visual Representation

Once again it is coming to the end of another semester. How the time does fly… With the end of each semester is the beginning of a new set of papers. This semester I seem to have a theme in my life going. Visual Representation. As many of you know since I received my new camera from my husband I have been addicted to taking pictures. Well this addiction has spilled over into my work this semester. The two novels I will be writing 20 pagers for are Tom Jones by Henry Fielding (18th Century) and The Book of Portraiture by Steve Tomasula (Postmodern or Experimental Fiction).

Tom Jones is a wonderful (although extremely long book… not a weekend read for sure) about a foundling who was born to be hanged but ends up being the most moral and loyal person in the novel. A brief description I know, but I do recommend this book, if you have some time on your hands. What I am doing with it for my 18th century 20 pager is a comparison paper about the food images in the Novel and the art of Hogarth (an 18th century political satire artist). I basically am examining the way that food represents a British Nationalism.

The Book of Portraiture is another fantastic read but much quicker then Tom Jones. This book was published in 2006. This book explores representation from the beginning of language to the DNA splicing of animals and humans. What I plan on doing with this book is exploring the idea that once you have representation you have a misrepresentation or a re-representation. One of the great examples from the novel is the references to Menia a Japanese artist who photoshopped his head onto 16th century Spanish paintings (Las Menias is one of his most famous- re-representations he pasted his head onto the body of a little girl in the painting).

Anyway the idea of representation in art has been stuck in my head so much lately that I somehow tailored my two large projects this semester to revolve around the ideas.

If you have read either of the novels I mentioned here, please let me know what you thought of them and of course if you have any helpful ideas for my projects I would love to hear them. If you have not read the novels, I highly recommend them both. Tom Jones will need much of your time, but Tomasula is a quick and pleasurable read, that I read the first time in about 4 hours.

Happy Reading…

Monday, April 02, 2007

It has been along time

Life has been crazy...internet crashing, harddrives dying, papers drastically approaching... millions of books to be read, work overload...

Enough of that here is something pretty to look at...



Worry 2




Charcol Winter Woods

charcol winter woods