Monday, May 29, 2006

It's Time to Lace...

Well almost, I am still waiting for supplies. I decided to work with The Candle Flame Shawl from Knit Picks. I have always wanted to make this shawl but never got around to it. What a perfect time to do it this summer during the Amazing Lace. I believe you have until midnight tonight to signup if you would like to lace this summer. I will be making the candle flame shawl from Knit Picks Shadow in the color Jewels. I was going to go with shimmer but I really love the way shadow looks. Now I am not the greatest lacer so I have a feeling that Candle Flame and I will be long time friends this summer and possibly beyond. Happy Lacing...

Sunday, May 28, 2006

All about bags...

All pictures in this post are clickable. Secret: I love making bags! And I use them all sometimes too... And apparently I am not the only one. Check this out... How fun that a bunch of bag nuts can get together online and post pictures of our bags. Now come on people I know there are a lot more of us out there! :) Anyway in the spirit of bags this post will be entirely dedicated to my bag creations. First up my latest bag in progress... Pride and Prejudice Bag This is my KTC project for Pride and Prejudice. It struck while reading the book that there was an awful lot of talk about money. I though Lizzie needed a bag to carry the ton of money she would get by marrying Mr. Darcy, not to mention the books she wants to read. So I started to make a large tote for the gal. Now you all know how I love Toile fabric. It was this scene that reminded me of P&P... Up close on P&P I am sewing this by hand and I am making good progress I just started it last night! It will make a fine bag to add to my created collection... bag collection In addition to my P&P bag I am planning on making a log cabin bag. Well I am off to craft some bags. See you tomorrow for the official start of Amazing Lace (and no my project is not a bag, although....)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

SRC 2006 Annoucement

***** Edited to add... Thank you for the quick response for mod volunteers! Both positions have been filled. ***** Hello all you crazy readers! When I first made the call I had no idea that so many people would be interested in playing along. Really I thought maybe 10-20 people would play along, but as you can see if you head over to the original call there are now 99 comments. My plan was to try and update and visit everyone site, but I am just one set of eyes! So what I have done to make the whole experience easier to follow is set up a forum. Here you will find categories to post your challenges, talk about various types of reading and set up list for other readers (what to read and what not to read). Feel free to head over anytime and signup (note that you will need to activate your account so make sure you give a valid email address...your email address will not be shared unless you set it up to share it with the group...I recommend you hide your email and just use the PM function). Certain forums are locked that will be just for announcements and forum information, those forums will be marked by an X. At this time I am looking for two people who would like help to moderate. As a moderator you would need to patrol the forums and make sure to delete anything that looks like an ad or spam and make sure everyone is playing nice. If you are interested in helping out please email me at ttbookjunkie at yahoo dot com with SRC MODERATOR POSITION in the subject line. The first two people will be accepted. In this message please include your blog address and first name or screen name. 7 Days until the official start date.... Happy Reading All... Amanda Summer Reading Challenge Links: Join Signups end May 31 Participants List and Buttons (still being updated) Challenge Ideas Forum

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blue Diagonal Blanket

Blue Diagonal Blanket Project: Blue Diagonal Blanket Yarn: 5 skeins of Marble and 1 skein of woolease navy fleck Tools: US 10 circulars Pattern: increase and decrease to make a square--garter stitch Size: 45 inch square Start Date: May 2, 2006 Finish Date: May 23, 2006 For: Warm the World Related Alongs: 25 Things for Charity #11 Comments: I love knitting in diagonal. It seems to go fast (even though it is not really that fast) and it is the kind of knitting you can do while reading or watching TV. Not to mention when the finished it always feels soft and fluffy.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Themed Reading...

9 days and counting reading challengers until the official start date! With so few days left before the summer reading party I know many of the challengers are working on their list of reading goals. I thought I would throw out some neat ideas for tailoring your summer reading that I either ran across or thought of myself.... 1. Join a online book club and challenge yourself to read their summer selections. I know this is not a new idea to most of you but have you seen all the fantastic clubs online! Here are a couple I have ran across... Knit the Classics Crafted Poetry Slaves of Golconda Reading Matters Tons on yahoo Bookcrossing 2. Read books about summer...whether fiction or nonfiction getting the summer feeling through your reading selections. 3. Read books that are both a book and a movie. There are so many books that have been made into movies you could start a whole club that reads nothing but "movie books" 4. Read one author all summer. Have a favorite author that you want to spend more time with, challenge yourself this summer. 5. Spend your summer with poetry. 6. Read autobiographies. So many people with both interesting and boring lives have written books. 7. Pick a shelf at your local library and read only from it. It is interesting how libraries will categorize books, it could be a chance to read a number of different books you may have never picked out. 8. Read the lonely books on your own shelf. Haven't read something in a long time or never read it at all, great time to read those books. 9. Maybe you would like to leave your reading loose but you think it might be fun to have pictures of all the places you read. Traveling across country, sitting at your favorite coffee shop, the park or the dog park. You and your book can head on a summer long reading adventure. 10. Read what others are reading. Thanks to Heather for the suggestion.Here are some lists she suggests to get you going... From Slate Also From Slate Those are just some ideas that I had, if you have one please leave a comment on this post and we can add it to the list. If you have not yet signed up for the summer reading challenge and you would like to join please leave a comment here. Signups will end on MAY 31, 2006 at Midnight (mountain time). If you would like to visit those who have signed up and grab yourself a button (saved to your own server of course) head to this link. Happy Reading...

Quantity vs. Quality

Okay new day new mind, yes as many of you have pointed out I do realize how much I have planned for this summer, I am totally crazy or really excited about vacation, probably both. During breakfast this morning hubby asked me... Hubby: “Hey Amanda, you like knitting and reading right?” Me: “Yes of course I would not do it if I did not like it. Why?” Hubby: “Well, if go through with your summer plans you may not like either any more.” Me: “What do you mean?” Hubby: “Well, you can have teasing rights but I think we should let the bet go. I want you to enjoy yourself and not make your hobbies turn into work.” Me: “Really?!” Hubby: “Yes of course, I never really meant it as a bet anyway.” Me: “Well... I do see what you mean; let’s just call it a momentary lapse in sanity.” Give a masters student a couple months of vacation and she goes goal truly enjoy the summer, have a quality summer not a quantity summer. But hey at least I now know how much yarn I really do have! :)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Bet...

It started off as any other Sunday morning. We woke up at 8am, husband made breakfast, I feed Maverick and put the radio on NPR. While listening to the radio and gabbing we ate breakfast. After breakfast we both headed to our computers to jump on the internet. Hubby walks over to give me a kiss when he notices that I was on the Knit Picks website... Hubby: What are you doing? Me: Looking at yarn, I think I will buy some today. Hubby: (laughing) Amanda come here a minute I want to show you something... Me: Okay...(we walk over to the closet where I keep my yarn) Hubby: Did you know you have all this yarn? Me: (confused) yeah sure, I put it there remember Hubby: (equally confused) So...if you have all this yarn...why would you want to buy more? Me: (contemplating) I don't know Hubby: (laughing) You are goofy! I bet you will never knit all this yarn. Me: (in stubborn defensiveness) Oh, I accept your bet mister. Hubby: (confused) What bet? Me: I will too knit all this yarn and I will do it this summer. Hubby: (laughing louder) yeah right! So there you have it, my big mouth made a bet that to be honest I am not sure I can win. Now because husband and I are not very good gamblers we never really said what each of us would get if we won. Usually when we bet each other we like to tease the other endlessly that we won. So there is nothing set as to what I will win if I can in fact knit all the yarn I have now this summer, but I have to do it because I know if I am motivated enough I can win and then teasing rights will be mine. So if you all will excuse I am off to make an accurate inventory list of all the yarn I currently have in my possession (hubby wants it in advance so I do not try to hide yarn...can you imagine! :). Wish me luck everyone, otherwise I will be the subject of husband teasing... Edited to add..."THE DETAILS" The Bet: My husband bet me on May 21, 2006 that I could not knit all my yarn in stash during the time of May 21- August 31, 2006. The Reward: Endless teasing of the loser by the winner (teasing must center around the yarn in question) The Rules: 1. I may not give away yarn in order to get rid of it 2. I may not knit everything into a giant blanket, I must in fact make projects 3. Yarn can be used as stuffing for projects, but only scarp yarn 4. I may not have others knit or crochet my only counts if I knit or crochet it 5. If I make squares they do not need to be sewn together in a blanket by Aug 31 to count 6. I can buy more yarn...but it is just more to knit! 7. I must not hide yarn...there is a current list of all yarn 8. Scrap yarn must be used too 9. Every Sunday you must update on progress The Yarn: Scrap yarn= 149 balls (various sizes, various yarn) TOTAL: 149 Blanket Yarn= RH White--1 skein Marble--1 Yellow--2 Light Brown-- 3 RH Buff -- 1 and 1/2 Green-- 2 Black-- 2 Navy -- 1 Grey -- 1 TOTAL: 14 1/2 Wool= Woolease Navy fleck-- 3 Cream Wool -- 14 Brown Wool-- 1 Blue Wool--1 TOTAL:19 Sock Yarn= Tap--1 Grass--2 Ballet--1 Square Dance--1 Two Steps--2 Hula-- 2 Jig-- 2 Swing--2 Zinnia --2 FC Disco -- 2 Smores-- 2 Checkers-- 2 TOTAL: 21 Novelty Yarn= 7 balls unknown yarn TOTAL: 7 Cotton on a Spool= 2 thread spools TOTAL: 2 GRAND TOTAL: 212.5 balls/skeins of yarn

Friday, May 19, 2006

Summer of Lazy...

Why Hello there long time no blog! Sorry I have been totally living it up since summer vacation started. Yep a whole lot of nothing has been going on in my neck of the woods. Here is a little look at what I have been up to in the last week... in progress Click for a better view I am almost done with the Blue Diagonal blanket! Which is good because it is getting hot here. Just last week we still had snow on the ground and today we should expect it to get to 73 in the mountains! I am glad that I am almost done with the blanket because I am not sure if I can stand have a blanket on my lap in this Spring heat! Second...I have on Rumba part 2 sock done and I am getting ready to start the second. I know I have said recently that I have started a bunch of different socks, and I have but they did not last long. Speaking of socks check out the newest summer KAL ...Summer of Socks. So for the summer I am participating in the following things... 1. Summer Reading Challenge 2. Knit the Classicss 3. Scrap-ghan CAL 4. Amazing Lace 5. Sock-a-month 6. Summer of Socks What a list! I am sure that I missing some of the alongs for the summer but as you can see I have quite a wonderful little summer planned. Anyway back to what I have been up to... I am making myself a green and white tote, I am started making more squares for blankets (5 and 10 scarp squares), the chips in the pictures are Boulder Jalapeno chips, good chips for potato chips (and look the bag is very May of them) and last but not least is Pride and Prejudice. I have seen the latest movie version of it on PPV, I liked it. It is nice to see a movie that has no sex, violence and cussing. I may be a prude but I am so sick of movies lately. It was nice to see a romance that did not make me cringe. I am finding that the book is better then the movie, but I am not that far yet. Anyway back to my relaxing summer of lazy... PS...Happy Birthday to the love of my life! PPS...I did VERY WELL this semester...A- and A.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Bring it on Summer!

I turned in my last paper of the semester today, you all know what that means...summer vacation officially begins! I am so looking forward to summer vacation this year. Not sure why, perhaps because I just survived my first year of Grad School, perhaps because of the Summer Reading Challenge (have you seen the crazy list of people who want to play crazy bunch of readers!) or maybe it is the Amazing Lace (psst we got our first challenge lacers...) whatever it is I am pumped for vacation. I am officially celebrating summer today. I have started knitting some rib socks from the yarn that Karen sent me for playing along with the Show Your FO awhile back (it is Knit Picks Parade in the color Checkers) and I have a diagonal blanket going in the yarn that Stephanie sent. I picked up the books I will need to teach my class in the fall today. It looks like I need to revise my Summer Reading Challenge List so I can include the readings for my class in the fall. Well I am off to officially have my first night of summer vacation...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Delicate Mohair Scarf...

Delicate Mohair Scarf Project: Mohair Scarf Tools: US 7 needles Yarn: Capri Mohair and Acrylic blend color unknown Size: 4 inches wide by 50 inches long Pattern: garter stitch Start Date: May 7, 2006 Finish Date: May 11, 2006 For: Warm the World Related Alongs: Things for Charity # 10 Comments: I am not a big fan of this yarn, I was difficult to work with because it kept falling apart. I think a little girl will like the scarf though, such a delicate pink and white.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Calling all Readers...

*********** Edited June 1, 2006 to add... Signups are now closed all members comments are now published and the list and new buttons will be added and updated sometime today. The forum is set up and ready for your challenges, reviews and recommendations. ************ EDITED MAY 25, 2006 to add... SRC Participants there is now a forum! *********** So I have been surfing some of my favorite blogs and I have noticed quite a few of you have been preparing and listing summer reading. I personally have begun to compile a list of books I would like to read this summer. I have challenged myself to read 28 books this summer (14 weeks, 2 books a week). Now everyone reads at different paces and may set different summer reading goals, perhaps there is just one book you would like to read this summer that you have always wanted to read, perhaps you want to try a new genre. Whatever your goals, how about taking a challenge with me? I plan on starting my summer reading next week, but how about for an official challenge we start June 1. Thanks CapnK8! Thanks CapnK8! Thanks Rebecca! Thanks Rebecca! Thanks Bella! If you have summer reading challenge buttons ideas please email me with the img src and I will post them others to use. Ready...Set...READ! Edited to add... If you are going to set a summer reading challenge for yourself you can link to this post. Make sure to comment on this post so I can add you to the list, you know we all want to go visit you! :)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

G : Green

May is my favorite color. I love green! You would not believe how many green things are in my life. Because I like to use the free photo hosts and they have limited space there is no way I can show you everything green. Instead I picked out a few of my favorite green things... Grass sock yarn Way up in the mountains you do not see much grass. Maverick and I both love grass, but to be honest I am glad we do not have any, lawns seem like a pain to take care of. Anyway since we have no grass I am making my own this month. Grass socks that is. Using my Sensational Knitted Socks and my Knit Picks Essential yarn in the color "Grass" I am going to make some lacy socks which will also be my project for Amazing Lace Project. Pine Forest My view is full of green. I love Pine Trees. Especially this time of year, the smell is wonderful. Pine Needles Here is an up close of the pine needles. Green Tea from Starbucks Have you tried the new Green Tea drink dessert from Starbucks? If not you must give it a try. Very yummy. You can taste the green tea but at the same time I think it tastes like apple jacks. Green Shoes Awhile back a local hardware store was having a big clearance sale. These garden shoes were only $5. For being plastic they are so comfy, I like to wear them everywhere up here in the mountains but I wear my regular shoes when I go to the city, don't want the city folks thinking us mountain folks are weird! So that is a little green this Sunday, stay tuned for more green adventures, believe me there is a lot more green around my place...

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Presenting the KTC blanket...

KTC blanket 2006 Click for a better view It is finished and it is huge! It is about 7 foot long and about 5 foot wide. I finished it this morning and I will most likely mail the Warm the World box on Monday. Thank you once again to everyone who made squares. All the squares that were donated were used (some of my own were not about 3). Project: KTC blanket Tools: Various needles and hands Yarn: Various Size: 7 foot long by 5 foot wide Pattern: Various Start Date: Feb 8, 2006 Finish Date: May 6, 2006 For: Warm the World from various members at KTC Related Alongs: KTC Blanket Project Comments: If you would like to see the individual squares click here. Edited to add... Here are all the items that will be sent in the May 2006 box to KTC Blankets: WTW blankets May Hats and Scarves: other WTW

Friday, May 05, 2006

Summer 2006 Reading Challenge

Okay I realize that summer is not here yet and that I am not officially done with classes yet but I am really excited about finally be able to read just for fun I have begun getting together a list of books that I would like to read. I started off listing all the books I would like to buy when I looked around the room and realized there were a couple of books on my shelves that I have not read yet. So I am challenging myself to read as many books off my shelf that I have not yet read. In addition to reading as many books from my shelves I am also going to read the KTC selections this summer. It will be fun to see how many books I can get through in the next three months. Here is a starter list of the reading I have planned... (you can click the books in the sidebar for summaries) Knit the Classics Reading: May 2006: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen June 2006:Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte July 2006: TBA August 2006: TBA From the Shelves: Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by ZZ Packer Not the End of the World by Kate Atkinson The Book Club by Mary Alice Monroe Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver Pigs in Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver Beloved by Toni Morrison The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robinson The Other Boelyn Sister by Philippa Gregory Brick Lane by Monica Ali Now this is just a small list of the books that I noticed on my shelf that I either cannot remember or do not think I have ever read. I will update the list as I read through them and hopefully I will blog all about them. I feel like I should make a button for my challenge but I have no clue what kind of button. Anyway happy reading...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

RIP Hercules

Today as we drove up the driveway our beloved F250 blew a plug, his head will need to be replaced. Hercules you were a good truck, although I think you got stuck in the snow too easily, but you did pull the camper with such ease. I thank you for holding out until we made it home and did not leave us stranded in the snow tonight. May you have a restful spring and possibly summer.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sunshine Baby Blanket

Sunshine Baby Blanket Project: Sunshine Baby Blanket Tools: H Hook Yarn: Various Pattern: 10 3X30 double crochet strips that were then crocheted togehter. Size: 30 inch square Start Date: March 31, 2006 Finish Date: May 2, 2006 For: Warm the World Related Alongs:Mile-A-Minute CAL Comments: I tried strips and squares and I have to admit...I like squares. Only because they are generally smaller and seem to go quicker then long strips, although the stips take less time to put together. I will most likely not make another blanket in strip form, simply because I think I make squares faster. This blanket came out pretty good, although somehow some of my strips are longer then the others, either way I think it will make a nice blanket for someone.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Good News A Plenty

First off-- I survived paper marathon weekend! Now let us keep our fingers crossed that I pass. Second -- I am one strip away from finally finishing my sunshine mile-a-minute blanket! Pictures to come soon... Third -- I finally got an instructor position! So in the fall I will be teaching freshmen writing. Since my department like to keep all freshmen writing courses uniform all 11 of us will have the same syllabus, makes it nice for bouncing off project ideas. It does not pay much but I get 2500 free copies, which if you have ever been an English major MA and beyond you know is a huge deal. Fourth-- Only one more paper until summer vacation can officially begin. KTC blanket people-- I have not been to the post office in about a week, but I will head there this Wednesday and let those who sent squares recently know if I received them, also sometime later this week I will update here and at KTC about the project as a whole. Thanks to all those who have participated, and sorry but I am not longer taking contributions for the April blanket. Sometime late September/early October I may make another call. Well I am off to help my husband, with his super secret project... more on his project later, but right now let me just say that it is BIG!