Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Book Talk

SRC Coming to an End Well folks summer has once again flown by. This is the last Sunday for the Summer Reading Challenge. So lets all get together and talk once more about our summer reading. I set my personal goal at 28 books and it looks like I will come up 16 books short of my goal, but you know what I had fun and I read some good books this summer. The last book I read was Folk Tales by Calvino and I have to say it was my favorite this summer. Coming up as second favorite was A Passage to India by Forster which I read for KTC. The worst book I read this summer was Sea Glass by Shreve. I thought the characters were watered down and the story line moved way to slow. So with the summer wrapping up this Sunday’s questions are… Did you set any summer reading goals and if so did you meet them? What was the best book you read this summer? The worst? Previous Sunday Book Talks   


Kim said...

First, thanks for hosting this--I had so much fun with it!

Well, I had about 20(if you count that LoTR, Belgariad, and Black Jewels Trilogy are multiple books). It looks like I'll finish 7(two of which are in the Belgariad--I'm really enjoying the slow journey through this set)and I had one(non fiction) that was added in later at the request of DH.

I think that Sword of Darkness was the best book I've read this summer; Belgariad a close second although I haven't finished all of it yet. I didn't really have a worst; I've enjoyed everything I've read.

teabird17 said...

This was a great idea - I had fun and I read lots - next time I shall set a numerical goal instead of selecting speficic titles -- I prefer serendipitous reading... Congratulations, Amanda, on enabling so many of us to read read read this summer!

Jennifer said...

I also want to thank you for hosting the Summer book challenge. I had a good time with my books, and challenging myself.

I actually did make my goal. My goal was to read three books and I actually got 3 books read. I'd have to say my favorite book was The True Story of Hansel and Gretel. Wonderful, touching story. My least favorite would probably be Lolita. The writing is superb, but the subject matter was really disturbing for me.

Library Lady said...

Man, I'm pitiful for a librarian...only twelve. Guess I fell off my list--it was too high! :-)

Thanks so much for this!


BookGirl said...

I did pretty well - I need to recount but I may end up with 22 books read. The only thing was I really wanted to read only from my books and not library books but I just couldn't stay away from the library. Best book, A Girl Named Zippy. Worst book, The Reunion by Sue Walker.

Sarah said...

I'd like to join the Knit the Classics group. Is there still room?

Dawn said...

I too want to thank you for hosting the SRC. It was great fun and I had a good time reading about all the cool stuff people were readng and also the blogs for readers. I've been wondering about that and I'm glad that I have set up my own blog now. I really liked being introduced to Muriel Sparks. I'm reading her "The Comforters" at the moment, and though it isn't that can see her trying to grow and try out new techniques. I also am glad that I've been reading through Proust! I've met several new friends through SRC and I'm indeted to you for that. I was only 2 books off, but that is because I added other books to my list as I was going on.

Danielle said...

I set my goal at eight books (classic mysteries), but I am only on book #5. I plan on finishing this one (though I doubt I will get it done by Thurs), as well as the other three. I was reading other things as well, so I had a feeling I wouldn't get to all the books in time. My favorite was Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone. I didn't have any that I really didn't like. Thanks for suggesting this--it was fun!

Shelley said...

Hi Amanda! Thanks for showing interest in the Knittin' Mittens KAL. It is still open, and I've added your name so you should be getting an invitation in your email that allows you to take part in the Knittin' Mittens blog.

If anyone else is interested, it is still open and they can join as well.

mrspao said...

I enjoyed rereading Howard's End again because it brought back some very happy memories of when I first read it when I actually lived in Italy. It was just such a pleasure to read EM Forster's descriptions of Florence and think about the reflection of the buildings on the Arno.

I also participated in the Summer Reading Programme and reached and surpassed my goal of 10 books with one to be non-fiction. I have read 16 and hope to have finished the 17th by Thursday.

Becky said...

I'd like to say thanks, too! I read quite a bit for summer, which is very busy for travel. And I learned something very important for future reading plans.

My list consisted of 5 audio books and 5 short story collections or novels. I actually "read" 6 audio books and none of the printed books. Aha! Audio books are sure making a difference for me.

The one I enjoyed the best was Wild Geese Flying Backward by Tom Robbins. I always love his writing style.
I didn't read one that I didn't like, but I am having a hard time starting Lolita. I may have to skip this one for now.

It has been great sharing books with other readers again. That's the very best part!

MissyJoon said...

Amanda--Thanks so much for hosting this read along!My goal was 25 books--and I am at 17!!! I think my favorite books was Snow Flower and the Secret Fan; perhaps my least favorite was Scoop, but I didn't hate it!
It was really lots of fun to be reading with you, and everybody else!

Carl V. said...

I set a reading goal of 50 books (100+ page limit) for the year. That would almost double my normal output. Now I do read much more than this but it is finishing books in the same year I start them that hasn't been a strong suit!

Looking back at my reading journals over the past several years I *completed* almost no books during the months of May-August the last few years so I made a concerted effort this summer to rememdy that.

From May 1st through August 31st I will have read 13 books (14 if I finish the one I'm currently on). Out of those, my favorite is probably The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien. I was so enthralled with that book. Running a close second would be Kate DiCamillo's touching, whimsical children's book The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

Carrie K said...

The Summer Reading Challenge was a really great idea, Amanda, I'm so happy you thought of it. I'm on my 22nd book and I was shooting for 26, I think. I did read mostly library books and even a few from my TBR stack.

The best book would be The Physics of Superheroes by James Kakalios or maybe Language Visible by David Sacks. I truly enjoyed both of them and learned a great deal.

The worst? The Friendship Test by Elizabeth Noble. The book wasn't horrible but it wasn't very well written, the characters were cardboard. It was a book club selection.

Jenni said...

I didn't finish either. Thanks so much for doing it!! I read some books that I needed to.

I'm going to carry my unfinished books into the fall and keep reading!

rebecca said...

Thank you so much for hosting this -- it was fun. My goal was to read two books a week and post about all of them, and I did that. I hadn't thought of counting the total, but I may go back and do that. I guess I should also see which were my favorite and least favorite books. In any case, it made me feel as though I was accomplishing something by lolling around reading and knitting.

rebecca said...

I have returned after counting. I read 41 books during the SRC -- mostly light novels, so don't think it was a severe challenge. My favorite was Christopher Buckley's Little Greeen Men. My least favorite was Ibid by Mark Dunn (whose name I may be misspelling).

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Thank you so much for setting this up. I did not meet my goal but even so it was wonderful! My favourite book is one I am still working on - The Moonstone.

mizbooks said...

I blogged about the end of the SRC today (see here). I didn't read the books I had on my lists, save one. But, does it count that I finished several that *weren't* on my lists? ;o)

I finished 6 books in August, 4 in July, and 1 in June. So, my reading has definately picked up (I was in a slump --BIG time!-- when the SRC started), and I'm glad for that!

The best book I read this summer would have to be "Relentless" by Robin Parrish (see my review). It was a thriller, and the pace was... relentless! :-D

I've read a LOT of non-fiction, too (see my reading blog).

Anyway. Thanks for the challenge! Much as I didn't reach my *set* goals, I still enjoyed this! :o)

<>< Mizbooks

mizbooks said...

I just peeked at my lists, and I had 10 books listed... so having read 11 in June through August, I'd say that I reached the goal, even if the books I read weren't the ones I'd intended to. ;o)

Thanks, again, Amanda!

<>< Mizbooks