Saturday, July 01, 2006

Snacks Needed...

Hello Blog Persons... This is Maverick, Amanda's fur baby. I am writing to you because I feel that I just do not have enough snacks. See I love treats but momma and daddy never give me enough (they always have to feed me food instead of just treats...parents!) Anyway I want to make my own snack money so I now have my own line of mugs...
Click to see all my mug line
Remember all monies made go to my snackiness.


Stephanie said...

Dear Maverick -

It just so happens that our mommy bought us a huge bag of rawhide chews today. Send us your address and we will send you some.

Your Pals -
Luca and Henry

jennhx said...

Mav, I know what you mean about those crazy parents... Mine have had me on a diet for over a year now. What's the deal with that? Must escape soon and catch one of those birdies I see outside my window. Send help!!
Your feline friend,

Carrie K said...

I feel your pain, Maverick, all I ask for is albacore tuna on a daily basis - fresh, not that leftover at the end of the day stuff in the can and I have to hear all sorts of grief about it.