Monday, May 22, 2006

Quantity vs. Quality

Okay new day new mind, yes as many of you have pointed out I do realize how much I have planned for this summer, I am totally crazy or really excited about vacation, probably both. During breakfast this morning hubby asked me... Hubby: “Hey Amanda, you like knitting and reading right?” Me: “Yes of course I would not do it if I did not like it. Why?” Hubby: “Well, if go through with your summer plans you may not like either any more.” Me: “What do you mean?” Hubby: “Well, you can have teasing rights but I think we should let the bet go. I want you to enjoy yourself and not make your hobbies turn into work.” Me: “Really?!” Hubby: “Yes of course, I never really meant it as a bet anyway.” Me: “Well... I do see what you mean; let’s just call it a momentary lapse in sanity.” Give a masters student a couple months of vacation and she goes goal truly enjoy the summer, have a quality summer not a quantity summer. But hey at least I now know how much yarn I really do have! :)


Carrie K said...

Nothing like goals! But I'm glad hubby "undid" the bet. I'd hate to see grim determination replace the joy of knitting and reading. (Not that they necessarily would, but that was a big bite to chew).

Anyway, enjoy your summer! Vacation craze begins!

KnitNana said...

Well, that's a relief! So do you get to go back to choosing a new wishlist from Knitpicks? ;) Enjoy your summer!

Jennifer said...

Oh, thank god the bet is off. I was worried about your sanity at the end of the summer, not to mention your hand health.

Heather said...

That was going to be quite the summer with the books & needles (can you read & knit at the same time?)

Glad you can now knit at an enjoyment pace, not a deadline pace!

JennyRaye said...

I gotta tell you....I am relieved for you. I was all stressed just thinking about how you were going to knit all that yarn.

I say good on the hubby for freeing you from the bet and insuring that you will in fact enjoy your summer!