Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Look At 2005

2005 has been a good year for me. Playing Dead I found my fur baby Maverick at the Longmont Humane Society. scenic_winter I got into the English Literature Masters Program I applied to. And I had a successful semester (B+ in both my classes, not to shabby). I found Warm the World and made 25 things for them. I started the popular Knit the Classics site. I also learned to crochet! These are just a few of my highlights from 2005, what are yours?

Friday, December 30, 2005

For Others Friday...

25! I hit 25 things for charity in 2005! Here is a look at the last of my items made for charity... #20 Skinny and airy This scarf is two Red Heart scarp colors I had knit on US 13 needles to make it nice and airy. #21 Lovely Soft Blue This is Chenille in a lovely light blue. #22 Blues and Cream scarf This is an very long scarf (about 7 feet) in all Red Heart yarns. I really like the tassles on this one. #23 Brown Wool Hat This hat was meant to be an adult sized hat but somehow when it was finished it became a child sized hat. It is brown virgin wool and navy blue wool. #24 Cream Hat This is an adult sized hat in Chunky USA knitted on US 11 needles. #25 crochet woolease scarf this scarf is was a work on my crochet stitches in navy fleck woolease. If you would like to see all the things I made for charity please click here. If you want to see some of the other things people have made for charity go to the 25 Things for Charity KAL/CAL

Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Dog and his Bear

Maverick and pinkie 2 One of the gifts that Maverick got for Christmas was a stocking full of toys (he got the pink one because it had this cool brush in it and the blue for boys did not). He does not like the other toys in the stocking but this little pink bear (I call her pinkie) he loves. He rubs his face on her, lays on her like a pillow. maverick and pinkie Pinkie squeaks when you squeeze her and Maverick is a quite kind of dog so when she is making too much (because I squeeze her) he nicely moves my hand and covers the toy where the squeak comes from. Maverick is a funny dog... Want to see more Maverick pictures click here.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

WIP Wednesday...

For the first time in a long time I am going to show my WIPs on Wednesday! Right now I only have 3 projects in the works (one knit, one crochet, and one sewing). First up: scarp blanket WIP WTW This is a scrap blanket I am making for WTW. I am using all types of yarn as long as they are pink, purple, red or white. I am doing my typical increase and decrease method of making blankets (so easy and fun). It will be item number 23 in my 25 things for charity. Second: sock in progress My first crochet sock. I am now at the heal and working through that (but no new pic) to share. It is exciting to see how it will turn out and really exciting that I can wear them in my shoes! Lastly: tote My tote! I have not made any progress on it since this picture but I am still hoping to have it done before the new year. What are you working on?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Crochet Socks in progress...

sock in progress side view sock in progress Here are my first pair of crochet socks in progress. So far I am not using a pattern. The sock is all one piece crocheted in round. I am using watercolors for the toes and purple sock yarn for the body. I am closing approaching the heal so I need to look at some patterns to see how to handle that part of the sock. They are so comfy so far and they fit into my shoes. These are my first pair of socks for the Feet Need Socks CAL. Over the Holiday I am also made two scarves and a hat for WTW. I will pictures up of items 20, 21, and 22 for the 25 things for charity KAL/CAL.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Same Day Mittens...

finished mittens I did not expect to have the mittens finished today but here they are. The second mitten went so much quicker once I knew how I wanted to make them. Here is the step by step process to my same day mittens.... Step 1: I started off by making the thumb in round tube then crocheted together one end. Then I crocheted a band around my hand connected to the thumb. step 1 Step 2: Once I had the band connected to the thumb I went up my hand in round until all my fingers were covered. step 2 Step 3: I then turned the mitten inside out and crocheted the top closed. I needed more of a cuff to the mitten to I started just below the thumb and crocheted in round until I had the length of mitten I wanted. step 3 And there you have it now I have Warm Hands.

Warm Hand and Number 19!

mitten 1 click for a bigger view This is the first crochet mitten I have made. It is wool on US I hook. I really like the way it came out. No pattern just literally crocheted it around my hand. I started off by making the thumb in round tube then crocheted together one end. Then I crocheted a band around my hand connected to the thumb. Once I had the band connected to the thumb I went up my hand in round until all my fingers were covered. I then turned the mitten inside out and crocheted the top closed. I needed more of a cuff to the mitten to I started just below the thumb and crocheted in round until I had the length of mitten I wanted. Most of the time I was crocheting the mitten as I wore it. This mitten is the beginning of my project for the Warm Hands KAL. I tried a knitted mitten but I really did not like the way it was coming out so I decided to give a crochet mitten a try, I am pleased with the outcome. scarf 19 click to see more details and more WTW projects Number 19 for the 25 things for charity! It is a kid's size project for WTW. To all those celebrating Christmas tomorrow.... Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Toteable tote...

tote Here is my tote for the Tote Along . I still need to add a zipper, put a liner in it and add some sort of handles, I also think I might add a pocket inside the bag. I am really pleased with how it is coming out so far. I am not using a pattern, just making it to what I want a tote to be like. I am also sewing it all by hand. Here is the bottom of the bag, which also pleases me very much. bottom tote

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Favorite Project 2005....

As I finish off my last projects of the year I started to think of all the things I have made this year. So many things for myself, for others, for charity but my absolute favorite thing I have made this year was... georgia head GEORGIA! She was my first big project that I made in April of this year. She took me somewhere around a month and a half to make and when she was finished it was love at first sight! She has served as a model for other projects... georgia flower and lead to a whole community of critters. homemade critters So what was your favorite project of 2005?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Berries Bag!

Berries Bag I completely forgot that I made the "Berries Bag" earlier this year for a friend of mine. I was looking in a closet this evening and found it in a manilla envelope. Perfect now I can give it to her for Christmas! You know what that means I now officially have all my hand knitted gifts completed for 2005!!! That means I will earn a gold star on the Knit Some Holiday Cheer KAL! The Berries Bag was made sometime when there was no snow on the ground by the looks of the picture it was knitted on US 7 circulars in Red Heart Berries. PS...The Watercolors scarf I was making for her will instead go to WTW.

Jolly Green Blanket

green blanket WTW Click Green Blanket to see more WTW projects Above is my 18th project for WTW and for the 25 things for Charity KAL. It is a 36 inch square that would be a nice baby blanket or a lap blanket. Not quite sure of the yarn but it seems a lot like Red Heart in a nice Christmas green. It is knitted on US 10 circulars in increases and decreases (start off with two stitches then increase until 3 entire skeins are used then decrease one stitch every row until I get back to two stitches). It is also another thing to check off my break list.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Potter Hat

potter hat Click the Potter Hat for more WTW projects This is my hat for the Another Weasley KAL. It is made from leftover Chenille Thick and Quick. It is also number 17 for 25 things for charity it will find a home at WTW. It is also the first to be checked off my break list! Not to mention it is hat number four for the Cover Your Head KAL. Wow what a multipurpose hat! Well Back to the list...

Friday, December 16, 2005

For the break...

With the promise of a month off I have started making a list of everything I wanted to do, here is the crafty side of things... First: I want to get this green blanket for WTW done number 17 for 25 things for charity... green blanker Second: I want to make myself a pair of mittens out of this yarn for the Warm Hands KAL mittend Third: I want to make myself a warm ear cover (one of those little headbands) out of this yarn for the Another Weasley KAL potter yarn Fourth: I want to finish this scarf for a friend as my last knitted gift (it was going to be a tote but I decided on a drop stitch scarf inside) once this is complete I will have all my knitted gifts done for the Knit Some Holiday Cheer done! scarf Fifth: I am going to make some fabric totes, here are some of the fabric I am going to use, this will be for the Tote Along... fabric Sixth: Finally weave all the ends in on my pillowghan so I can get my blanket in the gallery of the Pillowghan CAL Pillowghan ... In addition to those six things above I also would like to: 1) knit a red hair band for the December KTC book and the Something Red For Tess KAL 2) Knit some fingerless gloves for the Peaceful palms KAL 3)Get another hat trick for the Cover Your Head KAL 4) crochet some socks for the Feet Need Socks CAL 5)Settle on colors for my 63 squares blanket and try to get at least 3 squares before the new year done for the 63 squares CAL Not only do I have a long list of projects I want to get done before the new year I want to read the following (plus I have a list of books to read prior to Modern Novel next semester).... 1) Tess of the d'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy for the December KTC book 2) Angels and Demons by Dan Brown Whew what a list I plan on having some fun...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm DONE!!

I just emailed my last paper for the semester in! Now it is sleep time. More to come tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Almost done and some gifts too...

Hello World! I am almost done with my last paper of the semester! Only five pages to go, and it looks like tomorrow I will finally be done with Fall 2005 semester! I look forward to the break. So until tomorrow here is my hand knitted gifts this year... Only one to go! Gift List 2005: Completed: (5 of 6 completed) Scarves for people at our post office... gift scarf 3 gift scarf 2 gift scarf 1 A Poncho for a friend... poncho gift And a Stocking for our pup... after stocking Still to do...Tote bag for a friend.... Happy Crafting!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

From Now Until December 14 2005...

two weeks Click for a larger view Well if you do not hear from me in the next couple of weeks observe the reason why... That leaning tower of books is not even the tip of the iceberg of what I will need to do my blog project for theory and my article length paper on magical realism for analysis. It help keep me sane during the "finals" week I am working on a blanket for WTW. Well see you all after the 14th! Contact Me: ttbookjunkie at yahoo dot com Subject : From Now Until December 14 2005...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Candy Cane or Cat in the Hat?

candy cane Click "Candy Cane" to see more WTW projects Here is my latest scarf which was inspired from a candy cane but after I finished it I thought to myself is it a candy cane or a "Cat in the Hat" scarf? Either way it will find a home from someone at WTW. Contact Me: ttbookjunkie at yahoo dot com Subject: Candy Cane or Cat in the Hat?

Book Reviewed in 2005

Quicksand by Nella Larsen (first published 10/07/2005)
Quicksand Quicksand : Helga Crane does not know where she belongs. As you read Quicksand you will feel the frustration and confusion of trying to decide which race to belong to. This novel is a product of the Harlem Renaissance and well worth the read.
As a character I do not like Helga. She is always telling the reader that she knows what she wants but people around her will not let her achieve what she wants. I personally think that Helga has no idea what she wants and she does not realize that she could have had what she wanted earlier on if she had not been so anxious to leave each place that offered her some peace.

Presumed Ignorant (first published 07/16/2005)
Presumed Ignorant!: Over 400 Cases of Legal Looniness, Daffy Defendants, and Bloopers from the Bench! Presumed Ignorant!: Over 400 Cases of Legal Looniness, Daffy Defendants, and Bloopers from the Bench!
Funny,Funny, Funny! This book will make you laugh. It is 200 pages of the crazy laws and legal cases. Some of my favorites are:
"Cats are forbidden to ride on a public bus in Seattle, Washington, if there is a dog already on board. Also any dog weighing greater than 25 pounds must pay the full adult fare."
"South Dakota has decreed it illegal to fall asleep in a cheese factory."
"It is illegal in Los Angeles, California, for infants to dance in public halls."
"It is illegal for any driver of an automoblie to be blindfolded while operating the vehicle in Birmingham, Alabama."
So many funnies, if you want to laugh at goofy laws and cases pick this little baby up!

The Keepsake (first published 04/14/2005)

Keepsake Keepsake
This is another book where gloom overcasts the book. We are taken along as a young woman remembers her life with her mother. Through remembering she is able to deal with the loneliness she has grown up with and see how it affects her romantic relationships.
She remembers how her mother would have he call for drugs when she was feeling "ill." How she would take her toys into the bathtub and sing as loud as she could to drown of the sound of her mother "paying" for the drugs. She remembers staying in their room all day so her mother could sleep.
As we are being told the story of the mother and daughter we are also shown the much too intimate relationship between her mother and her mother's father. Perhaps one of the oddest and most disturbing parts of this book is the relationship our protagonist has with her lover. He completely dominates her life, so much so that she is imprisoned in a room and waits sometimes for weeks or months for food or water.
The book is not all gloom. In a way the book has a happy ending. as she returns to a small cafe that is the reoccurring "good" memory of her childhood she begins to realize that her father is gone, her mother is gone, the room they shared belongs to someone else and soon the man who controls her life will be gone.
Although it is uncomfortable to read, I do recommend reading this novel, the prose alone is worth it.
Quotable Quote: "This is my memory, my own story with pale eyes. It is simple to tell the story made for me, the story I make in turn to pass on. Nothing in these pages is lost in sleep, or in a bandage of pain. It is lived out in words and spaces between the lines that are linked like breath, a life formed as one word comes up behind the others, joins sentences that curve and change and turn back to face me on the page."

The Woman Destroyed by Simone De Beauvoir (first published 04/01/2005)
The Woman Destroyed The Woman Destroyed
This is a collection of three short stories. They are all about women whose lives are suddenly destroyed (how they see it anyway) by different events in their lives. All three women are older women who have some crisis in their lives.
In "The Woman Destroyed" the heroine finds out that her husband is cheating and suddenly her whole life is destroyed.
In "The Age of Discretion" a woman takes it much too hard that her son has changed his political affiliation and that his wife has seemed to take his mother's place. She also finds out her work for the last couple of years is exactly the same as all her previous works.
In the "monologue" a rich, self absorbed woman is alone on New Years and takes out all her rage from her whole life on the reader.
This book is a little depressing and after reading it you will definitely be in a gloomy mood so pick it up on a day when you can handle some gloom.
Quotable Quote: From: The Age of Discretion "Pictures lose their shape, their colors fade. But words you carry away with you."

The Da Vinci Code (first published 3/16/05)
The Da Vinci Code The Da Vinci Code
When I first started hearing about this book I kept thinking to myself what the heck can that book possibly saw to upset so many people. After listening to it (all 16 hours of it) I now realize why people might be upset, everything you may have known about Christianity is questioned in this novel, not to mention Da Vinci becomes even more complex. Hidden messages in painting about the reality of the "Holy Grail" ( I will not go into too much details for those who have not read or heard it).
Besides tons of lessons on art history, Da Vinci, new theories on Christianity, there is also a pretty good fictional story surrounding it all. Langdon an American scholar suddenly finds himself a suspect of murder Saunière the grandmaster of a very important organization "The Priory of Sion". His granddaughter and Langdon are thrown together in a wild and riveting journey to find the much sought after "Holy Grail."
I absolutely loved this novel and since first listening to it I have put it in again and started the journey all over. There is no way you can absorb everything in this novel with one read or listen, and trust me it is worthy of multiple reads.
For more info on this book or Dan Brown you can head over to this site

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