Sunday, July 31, 2005

Back In Action...

Okay so our bear problem seems to be less of a problem now (cross your fingers). That big bully was breaking in every night and there was no food or garbage in the place he insisted on breaking into. It was like he just wanted to vandalize us. The Division of Wildlife was not as helpful as we had hoped they would be. After only two days with the pepper spray trap they came and picked it up and they knew that he was still coming back. They said we had to wait until he broke into our cabin before they could officially trap him and move him, to me that seems like a lot to ask of someone when the same bear is breaking into the same place where no food or garbage is. So we decided that we needed a shot gun. We have a huge shotgun and I have to take lessons so I can shoot it too. I am not looking forward to it but it is necessary. We also bought bear pepper spray and rubber bullets (because if you shoot a bear and kill him and you cannot prove it was self defense then it is like you killed a person). Anyway enough of the bear... I have done no knitting or crocheting the last couple of days. I attempted a snowflake but it looked more like a white knot then a snowflake. I received a box of yarn from Nan at Warm the world and I making plans for the great yarn she sent me. Other then that nothing new. Well I am off to get on the knitting and crocheting ball...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bad Blogger...

It looks like I am going to be a very bad blogger the next couple of weeks because this has gotten worse. If you email me please expect at least a couple of days before I answer. Apologies for any problems this may cause. Amanda

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Changes Update...

So the majority of you all voted that I should make no changes to my blog. You guys are nice. To be honest I could not come up with anything I liked so that is a good thing. As for the crocheting and kniting update am I attempting to crochet a snowflake this one here and let me tell you it looks nothing like the picture. Mine looks like a little ball of knots!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

An FO blanket style...

Finally I finished my hubby's blanket. Not the best picture but here it is... Image hosted by Project Highlights: For:My Husband Size: 43 inches by 43 inches Yarn: Red Heart Classics Color: Light Thyme Needles: US 10 Pattern: It is just garter knit in bias The Rest of the month...Snowflakes all next week, my sock monkey, and my amigurumi bunny. Next Month: Feather and Fan Shawl for Knit the Classics, and Mittens

Thursday, July 21, 2005

He Came Back...

So our huge bear neighbor decided that he likes us and wants to move in. We told him no thanks bear gathered the other two people neighbors, called the Division of Wildlife and told them we have a huge bear way to comfortable around people who wants to live with us. They said they would come out and take a look but cannot move him until he breaks into a home. A little upset that more could not be done this time around we gathered again and shot guns into the air and yelled trying to scare him away. After about three shots he walked away. The Division of Wildlife warden on duty came out and saw that we were pretty good with our trash as were our neighbors so she left us this... Image hosted by This is a pepperspray bear trap. What happens is there is a bear mace inside the trap connected to a pull lever. On the handle of the pull lever you put the bait in our case an old sock covered with peanut butter and ginger ale. He will smell it, want it, try to grab it thus pulling the lever and spraying himself with mace. Image hosted by We think he sprayed himself last night and have not seen him today (the bait was gone). So we rebaited in case he comes back tonight. If he is not gone by this Sunday he will be tagged and moved and if comes back again after being tagged he will have to be put down. Hopefully he does not come back but we shall see. Still no pictures of him, to be honest each time I see him I am too scared to even think about snapping pictures.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bear Break In...

Last night we had a huge black bear break into the greenhouse. We actually saw it, it was about 41 inches tall on all fours. He just ripped the door to the greenhouse open and went in making so much noise. Husband brave guy he is got into the Pathfinder and started honking the horn and driving at it. It didn't seem to care so he drove up closer to it and it finally ran off but it kept coming back. It did not take anything it just wanted to do some damage. I was unable to get pictures of the bear himself but here is the damage to the greenhouse... The Broken Lock Image hosted by The guy threw our cans around and stole our paper plates... Image hosted by Nature and us are just not getting along this year! Oh and speaking of the greenhouse and damage did I tell you that some little chipmunk found his way in and dug up every last plant in pots. All gone roots and all, hubby saw him do it!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

KAL and CAL updates

Current KALs and CALs in the works... Knit the Classics : I have found the yarn that I want to use for my KTC project. Take a look... Image hosted by Pretty isn't it! It is Red Heart Classic and the color is WaterColors. Now the question is what to do with it???? I know I want some sort of lacy scarf or wrap... Snowflakes CAL: Has not starting snowing yet.... Amigurumi CAL: Bunny will start taking form this week. A Month of Softies: I have started the body of my sock monkey. Pictures soon to come. KALs and CALs soon to come... Snowflake Mondays: No snowflakes this Monday but plan to see some snowflakes on next Monday, also check out these snowflakes Mitt Madness: Soon to come... Summer of Lace: I got to get something lacy going... Snowflakes in July: It will start snowing July 25 2005. Sew What? I will be starting my half bag for this SAL. (Can anyone else link to earth mother? I get the message page cannot be retrieved.) Cold Hands and Warm Hearts: For this CAL we are crocheting mittens. Most likely this will be started next month. Baby and Kids Charity CAL: This CAL is dedicated to those who are crocheting something for Babies or Kids. My Warm the World blankets will be for this CAL.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday but no snow...

So it is a snoflake Monday but there is no snow in these here moutains, but that is okay because next week I hear there will be snow all week long. Hubby's blanket is almost done, man o man is it BIG!! I had no idea it would be this big, just wanted to use all of the green yarn I had left. So that is the knitting and crochet news at this moment. Now let us talk about cutie pies. Check this out. So cute huh! Well we are on the cutie pie topic here is one of my favorite pictures of Maverick... Image hosted by Not really sure why I just think his little feet are cute!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Hey look I am famous!

Or at least my blog sort of is! Check this out. Can you see it? If you have not checked out Warm the World look through their site. Wonderful organization to help out. PS...The possible template that was up on July 13, 2005 is gone and is replaced with possibiltytwo . Too busy?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Take a look...

at a possible new background here. Please comment on this post to let me know what you think. :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

New buttons!

Image hosted by Image hosted by Thanks so much to Veronica!!!

Let's talk KALs and CALs...

Currently I am still finishing Hubby's blanket but I do plan on starting the following projects for KALs and CALs this week... Knit the Classics : I am determined to find yarn for my lacy kerchief scarf this week or another project this is my week! I also need to get on the ball with Wives and Daughters. Snowflakes CAL: I think it might start snowing this week in the mountains.... Amigurumi CAL: Bunny will start taking form this week. A Month of Softies: I found my sock monkey material, this bad boy will begin to take shape this week. Other KALs or CALs in the works... Snowflake Mondays: Plan to see some snowflakes on next Monday, also check out these snowflakes Mitt Madness: Soon to come... Summer of Lace: I got to get something lacy going... Snowflakes in July: It will start snowing July 25 2005. Sew What? I will be starting my half bag for this SAL. (Can anyone else link to earth mother? I get the message page cannot be retrieved.)

Changes tell me what you think....

So I was looking at my blog the other day (and the others I maintain cool free patterns and ttbookjunkie reads) and I was thinking that they could use some sort of change but I am not sure what to change about them. There is a poll in the sidebar with some of the things I have thought about changing you can vote on or if you have other ideas please leave me a comment. Thanks! Amanda

Friday, July 08, 2005

The Project Bag...

Let us visit the project bag (you may remember Monk's Travel Satchel yep its ends are still showing but it is getting used)... Image hosted by So in this great bag I have all the projects I plan on making soon (knit, sew, crochet). Lets take stuff out and see what I have planned... First: Image hosted by Hubby wants a blanket to sleep with at night so I am making him one, just garter stitch (his favorite stitch too). Second: Image hosted by The Half Bag (just a temp name) I am making a bag that will be half knit and half fabric. Here is a close up of the fabric (cute isn't it)... Image hosted by Third: Image hosted by Lace for curtains. Hubby told me that I should make some light curtains for the camper so I choose lace. Fourth: Image hosted by This yarn is set aside for my Amigurumi Bunny for the Amigurumi CAL. Fifth: Image hosted by This yarn is set aside for parts of my sock monkey, I am still thinking this guy up so I am not sure what else I will need. This little guy will be for the July A Month of Softies Sixth: Image hosted by This crochet thread is set aside for my snowflakes (patterns soon to come) for the Snowflakes in July CAL. Huh who knew so much could fit into one bag?! What are you up to?

Thursday, July 07, 2005


My I present my Mariposa... mariposa I know what you are thinking that looks kinda small, well here it is on... amanda mariposa Okay so the Mariposa is not a top for myself but I did follow the Mariposa pattern from Knitty just down sized alot and not so much shaping because little Amanda does not have a very shapely shape. Mariposa makes a great little apron for Amanda the doll.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Homemade Critters

Here is my collection of homemade critters so far (all were made in 2005). I have discovered that I love making toys. My two favorite types of things to make are toys and bags/purses/totes. Image hosted by (from left to right) Lola, Baby Junior, Harry, Peep, Salsa, Moonyham, Marty, Georgia and Sloth

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Little Peasant Boy...

Check out my little guy and my finished Triada...

Project Highlights:

Yarn: Red Heart Baby Terri Needles: US 13 Color: Medium Blue For: Me (although Maverick does look very dashing in it) and the Triada Along Pattern: Triada from Summer 2005 IK Will I make another?: I do not know. It was fun to make once I started it ( I ended up just completely getting rid of the provisonal cast on it drove me nuts).

KAL update but no pictures...

So I have updates on all the KALs I belong but no pictures. The memory card is full so I need to save and dump the pictures sometime soon. Triada KAL : Finally I have really started my Triada. I should have this finished this week. Summer KAL and Mariposa KAL : I am making Mariposa from knitty and you know what I have noticed I am not a person who looks good in knitted tops. Big bulky sweaters sure, who does not look good in a bulky sweater. So I am not sure if I will continue the project. Amigurumi KAL: This is a CAL that I found recently and they are all making the cutest little toys. Since I adore making toys I joined up and I think I am going to make the Busy Bee and the Amigurumi Bunny. Both so cute so I am excited to get the hook and start making both these guys. One of these guys will most likely be done this week. Summer of Lace and Knit the Classics: I will be making the Lacy Kerchief Scarf from the Summer IK. I should have this scarf done in August. A Month of Softies: July's theme is sock monkieys so I am busy thinking about a cutie pie sock monkey to make. I will have my sock monkey done by the end of July.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Sloth the Panda...

So you guys remember Panda who was set aside for awhile missing a head. I decided to pick him up a couple of days ago and finish him up.... Sloth gets Sewn and stuffed Image hosted by After sewing and stuffing his body I worked on the head, check out below to see sloth with his head.. Here is Sloth with his head sitting on hubby's new bench Image hosted by And here is Sloth up Close... Image hosted by He is called sloth because after I finished stuffing and sewing his head he really did not look like a Panda but more like a sloth. So we named him "Sloth." He is too cute to fix though so much personality in that face! He is not made from a pattern, just something I made up as I went along. He is made with Red Heart classic black and white.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Salsa Anyone?

Introducing Salsa.... Image hosted by Salsa is a peep I made out of leftover Berries Red Heart I had. After I made her I aksed my husband what we should name her (because I must name all my creations it does not feel right to send little animals into the world without names) and he said she looks like Salsa. I laughed and then I said "Yeah I like it! She shall be known as Salsa!" Here are my peep buddies so far... Image hosted by I love making peeps so expect to see more soon! Project Highlights:

Yarn: Red Heart Classics "Berries"

Needles: US 5

Pattern: I made it up as I went but have not written it done yet. Next peep I will write it done and add the pattern to Cool Free Patterns.

Status: Done and looking cute!

Will I make another? Oh yes many many more peeps to come!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Penholder bookmark...

Image hosted by (please ignore the ends sticking out at the bottom they are now hiding) This great pattern came from my Bookish Patterns links over at Cool Free Patterns. Here is the pattern itself.I simply made my pocket a little different (I lined it with some fabric) and tried to make a little flower on it. Here is an upclose picture on the penholder bookmark... Image hosted by And here is the inside look at the penholder bookmark (inside the book that is)... Image hosted by Project Highlights: For: Me Yarn: Red Heart Classics Color: Country Basket (something like that main color) Khaki (pocket color) and green and pink for the flower (I also used some left over lace to line the pocket from the Joan Shawl Bag) Needles: US 3 Straights Pattern: penholder bookmark Status: DONE!!! And in use... Will I make another?: Yes!! I think I shall make several more. This really does stay in place unlike some other bookmarks I have used in the past and it holds a pen really well too. Plus it comes off the book easy without hurting pages. Fun to make and very useful I highly recommend it.