Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Struck by lighting!

First let me say that we are all fine but the camper got hit by lighting last night. It was so crazy I cannot believe that it actually happened. Last night around 6:30 all three of us were in the camper watching TV when all of a sudden we heard this huge crash the entire power surged then some things died completely. I swear I could feel it through me (my heart felt like to sped up for a few seconds then went back to normal pace). Norwood says he just felt the entire camper rumble. We did have a few deaths, the satellite receiver is gone, the TV now has a greenish tint, our Carbon monoxide detector is dead and our tank monitoring system now say everything is permanently full and our marine battery charger is dead. Nothing caught on fire and there was no outside damage to the camper. But isn't that crazy!!!

Monday, June 27, 2005


Well lookie here another FO. Okay so the bookthong took all of a couple of minutes to make but it was fun and I really like the little girl. Check it out... The tools and the bead for my bookthong... prepbook thong The "bead" is something I have had since I was a little girl. I know my parents gave it to me but I do not remember when exactly. It was orignally a necklace but the chain it came with has long been gone. My Finished Bookthong... bookthong And here is all the bookmarks I have made so far... bookmarks (from left to right) My bookthong, My Acorn Bookmark,My 3D Square bookmark, and the last one is not something I made but I added a tassle to it.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Here I am and here is

Joan Lace Shawl after her makeover. First let me show you the tools... Image hosted by
Here you have the Lace Fabric (it is a piece of an old Lace curtain) which will act as a liner and old Joan Lace herself. Then you have my sewing machine. That's right my own little hands will sew the liner onto the knit lace then the handle onto the bag and finally sew up the bag. It took me awhile but look at my finished product....
  Image hosted by

Isn't she cute! I love this bag (please ignore the ends that need to be woven in). Why did I make Joan Lace Shawl into Joan Lace Bag, well the shawl needed to be blocked but I really did not feel like blocking it and it just sat there looking sad in my project closet so I decided it would make a nice purse. Plus I wanted to practice my sewing for Sew What and HomeEc101. What is next on my project list you ask...well slow butt that I am lately with project is still working on Mariposa and Triada so I will working towards getting those done also I need something Lacey for the Summer of Lace and Knit the Classics. So that is my project update this week see you next week hopefully with another FO!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Husband's Craftiness

Check out some of my hubby's latest creations... This simple little bench is so comfortable and it sits at the front of our property , the view from this bench trees and our road out of the property. Image hosted by This is an awesome bench but still a work in progress. I love the triangle shape to this bench. Hubby is building a fire pit near this bench. It sits deep in a far corner of the property. View of trees and rocks. Image hosted by Not something my hubby came up with but I like this picture. Don't baby pinecones look a little like peanuts? Image hosted by

Snack anyone?

Image hosted by Nothing like a good chessy biscuit.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Almost an FO...

Image hosted by Here she is my monk's travel satchel almost done. I still have to weave in ends and add the four pockets. Also does anyone know how you can make something that is not made from wool stiffer? It has a little problem with holding its shape, any suggestions? Click here for project highlights.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Did you ever watch that show as a kid? I used to love that show, oh heck if I could find it on TV today I would probably still watch it. Anyway I have been a lazy knitter/blogger last month and this month and I am afraid it might just continue. Hubby and I have alot going on this summer, so much more then usual, will not bore you with the details, just wanted to let you know my blogging will most likely be a once a week event now, most likely Mondays (Mondays always feel like slow days no matter what is going on). I will try to check email twice a week for the KALs I am hosting, maybe more emails are quick. Oh and of course I will still participate in those KALs I have created and signed up for just once a week on the blogging end. Sorry if this makes anyone extremely sad :(. It is just that Toshiba and I cannot seem to find time together much anymore but we are not ready to break it off... Well that is all for now see ya Monday...

Monday, June 06, 2005

Monk's Travel Satchel

The khaki part is actually the side of the bag and the green is the handle... Image hosted by Up close you can see that the side of the bag is in broken rib (one of my favorite stitches) and the handle is garter (my other favorite stitch!)... Image hosted by Project Highlights: For: Me and the knit the classics K&RAL Yarn: Red Heart Classics Color: Khaki, Lt. Thyme, White Needles: US 5 Pattern: I am using theMonk's Travel Satchel but I am changing it up. I am not making it as big as the pattern suggests and I am changed the width of the handle I am not a fan of really huge handles. Size: One (I am making it smaller then the pattern suggests) Status: Almost done with the strap and working towards the second side of the bag. Will I make another?: Well once I have one of these bags will I need another!? I really like the bag but I think one is enough, although it in different colors might be nice.

Bad water?

Have you ever been to another country and they tell you not to drink that water because it will make you sick? Well I had a little experience with what different water maybe not bad water. We went into the city Friday because I had to go to campus and take care of enrollment business. I took a bottle with our water here in the mountains and ended up needing to fill up at drinking fountains. When I first tasted their water,it tasted completely different from ours... please keep in mind we do not go to the city but once a month or every two months. When I came home I felt a little funny and thought I needed to eat something because all I had was breakfast which is usually a granola bar. So I ate. Next morning very very early, I woke up with stomach cramps and vomiting. Now it is possible to was not the water but nothing else varied from my normal routine except the water. Felt totally better on Sunday. While I was feeling ill hubby was feeling crafty check out what he made... Image hosted by How cool is that!