Sunday, May 01, 2005

KAL update

We have an FO! This is my version of Hug for the Shrug KAL. I was going to make the wrap artist but I was looking through my stash and I noticed I had all these little balls of blue yarn so I decided to make my self a hug. Image hosted by For the Not Yarn KAL I am still working on my straw snail bag. What I have discovered about straw is that it is a pain to work with! It is so messy and I am pretty sure that once I finished this project I will not work with straw again. My Summer KAL project is pretty much still at this point . For the Knit Red and one of my purse along projects I plan on making Gelato for a friend of mine in red and pink. The Triada KAL starts today officially but I will not be starting until I receive my IK mag around mid May. I most probably will be using Moonlight Mohair from LionBrand but still deciding. The Mariposa KAL starts on May 31 and I am still trying to decide on colors I thought I had my colors picked out but... there are so many choices so I will keep thinking until the start date.

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